In this report, I would like to talk about the integration of Symfony Workflow component, its practical use, problems and advantages of its use by the example of a corporate trouble ticket system for telecom operators. The report highlights such topics as: 1. Security - using Expression Language to control transitions. 2. Data validation - switching the entities by places is not interesting without entering additional data it validation and handling. 3. Coupling Workflow component with Tactician (by PHP League) to separate transition handling and postprocessing in small reusable classes. 4. Developing abstract factory which is elegant way to create symfony forms and command for Tactian depending on the requested transition. 5. Examples of real cases.


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Anonymous at 11:49 on 16 Nov 2017


Ok guys. I get it, this talk was bad. There is no denying it. But our comments here are supposed to point out what could be improved. After all, all speakers aspire to grow and they need our (helpful) feedback to do so.

Having said that, here we go:

Always, ALWAYS, face the audience when giving a talk. No need to read from slides behind you, they are also on the laptop screen that is in front of you.
I know this might be hard if English is not your native language, but given this is an English/international conference, we should at least be able to expect audible sentences and words. If you do not (yet) feel comfortable giving a talk in English practices some more. It help to write out your talk beforehand. And read it out aloud to train.
Slides should (in most cases anyway) support your talk, not be all there is. Or, vice versa, your spoken talk should always include more information than what is already on the slides. Otherwise people will just read the slides (faster than you talk) and doze off.
I get that you need/want to plug your company / project but you should at least point out why that is relevant to the topic of the case (or make it way shorter).

I wish you all the best and hope you can appreciate this feedback for what it is. This is nothing personal. We (speakers) have all been there. We grow eventually and that is all that matters.

Unfortunately this was not an ok talk for such a conference and the advanced track. Like another feedback here, usually the slides are more of a support, not the whole thing you want to present, and in that case they need to be big enough for people to see what is presented, which was not the case even for the people sitting in the first rows.

As a tip, maybe it will help next time to rehearse the presentation before and have everything planned out beforehand, instead of improvising on the spot based on the slides.

Like said to the speakers directly. The english could have been better, the content of the talk was interesting.

Jeff Sacco at 15:41 on 16 Nov 2017

Know your audience when giving a talk.

Antonio Peric at 16:23 on 17 Nov 2017

I am little disappointed with this talk as topic was very interesting and it is something that I need on current project. There is obivious lack of experince from speaker and english was very bad. I assume this is your first talk so for next time you need to do a lot of training and probably do some meetup before big event. This talk deserves 1* but I gave it two as I really think you can do it much better with proper preparation. I noticed that you started well and after one word that you forgot everything went bad. For next talk don't focus to much if you are missing some word or do mistake, most of crowd won't even notice.

Artem Dekhtyar (Speaker) at 17:32 on 17 Nov 2017

Thanks everyone a lot for your feedback. I would work harder in next time and sorry about that fiasco.


Jose Monagas at 01:13 on 23 Nov 2017

Very low quality slides and presentation.