Many PHP applications need to store files. There are many different reasons to store file, and not all filesystems are created equally. How can we identify our needs? Which filesystem is best for your use-case? How can we ensure our future needs are not blocked by the code we write today? In this talk we'll explore how filesystem abstraction and general coding guidelines can improve our application's and make them future proof!


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Bart van Raaij at 11:10 on 6 Dec 2018

Room was too small!
Other than that: great talk. Flysystem looks awesome, gonna try that very soon!

sprain at 11:53 on 6 Dec 2018

Nicely done! I like how the talk considered the why and not just the how.

David Badura at 14:38 on 7 Dec 2018

Nice introduction, but I thought it will be even more on the problems of filesystem.

Miguel Sousa at 09:39 on 10 Dec 2018

Was Good, not what i personaly was expecting. Still got to learn of new stuff for furture implementations!