Let me introduce you to the world of static PHP code analyzers. I'd like to show you which tools exists, how to use them and how they help you to improve your code quality.


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Antonio Peric at 10:40 on 7 Dec 2018

I think the speaker should include more personal experience and how that actually helped her with examples. This talk was a basic overview of tools that exist for a while. Delivery of content could be better, but I assume this is one of the first talks for a speaker so heads up and keep doing it.

Traian Bratucu at 17:52 on 7 Dec 2018

It was ok, but the presentation was a bit too impersonal, considering it was about own experience with the tools.

Expected much more real-life experiences, the things she said all made sense, but the way things were presented were pretty boring.

Anonymous at 22:04 on 9 Dec 2018

I agree with Ewald

I loved the information that was shared. But the presentation has some improvement points.

What I liked:
- Great insights on what is great about static analyzers.
- Showcased a few tools that you could use with an advise on where to start

What I'd try to improve:
- Screenshots of CLI tools were unreadable and therefore had no added value except "It's a cli tool"
- You wen't into a lot of detail on which things an analyzer might pick up. This took a lot of time on your presentation but when I read the slide listing them I already knew everything I needed to know. Maybe some real life examples with some code in combination with SOLID / Design Pattern solutions would be nicer.
- Some slides contained a lot of information on their own and then you added even more information on top. I would maybe split the slides and try to fit a narration to it.
- Maybe even add some funny pictures/jokes to make the audience and yourself more comfortable.

All In all I really appreciated the talk and I heard quite a few people who got really excited about static analyzers because of it. So thank you for your talk.