ApiPlatform is great for building API-first software. Even better, it's build on top of Symfony! Did you hear about Symfony's Workflow component? Or the brand new Messenger component? They offer powerful tools! For example, a pizza order can take multiple statuses, each one in transition with another (order, pay, wait, eat). This is a workflow. While waiting for the product, it needs to be cooked! Every time the order is paid, we have to send an instruction to the kitchen. Today, why don't we automatically push that message? Through a real-life use case, I will demonstrate how well these two fit on top of our Symfony-based API!


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soyuka (Speaker) at 16:37 on 6 Dec 2018

https://github.com/soyuka/leverage-the-power-of-symfony-components-within-apiplatform slides here!

Amir Iskander at 17:25 on 6 Dec 2018

Thank you very much for the presentation and for providing the slides, Antoine!

Tom Adam at 09:54 on 7 Dec 2018

There were some interesting points here but overall I think this talk lacked focus. I think it could be improved by spending more time looking at the extension and feedback points of ApiPlatform.

Jerzy Zawadzki at 10:16 on 7 Dec 2018

Good talk, showing that API platform is not only for simple crud REST

This presentation could have been better, I was having the feeling that sometimes you were a bit lost. Nevertheless not easy to be in front of such audience :-). ApiPlatform is a great project nonetheless.

Antonio Peric at 10:43 on 7 Dec 2018

From my point of view, this was the most useful talk of the first day. Speaker delivered great content with very useful examples and little bit different approach of using API platform. Using example with pizza is very simple and very easy to follow. Even he was nervous about talk, he did great job

Nice overview, very informative. I like how powerful and easy ApiPlatform is.

Great content, very clear use-case and the example provided was exactly what the talk title sells. Nicely done!

Igor Hryshko at 16:50 on 11 Dec 2018

Quite interesting talk.

Seeing ApiPlatform and workflow component for the first time - this was quite an informative and useful talk for me.