Scenario: You had an awesome idea. A brand new business. So you have to test it‘s adherence to market… as soon as possible. How? Fortunately we have Symfony and API Platform. This session will cover main topics to build a real world project on top of REST and GraphQL APIs with modern authentication while delivering clients and documentation. Barely touching PHP code for that.


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Miguel Sousa at 09:43 on 10 Dec 2018


Interesting subject and quite some information being shared but it was really hard for me to follow.
Things I liked:
- Very nice design slides with good readability*
- Very well spoken and understandable

* Except text on the bottom of the slide because I wasn't in the front row

Things I didn't like:
- It's was going pretty fast without any pauses or recaps on the current state.
- At most parts of the talk I wasn't sure what problem was being solved. Without this context it's hard to think along.

- Do regular recaps on what the state of the application is: example: "We did X so now we have Y. But Z won't work because we lack A. Let's get A". This keeps people up to date on what problem we're trying to solve and what work and what doesn't.

My goal for this talk was to understand what api platform could bring. I got a general idea but I feel like I lost a lot of details.
Thanks a lot for your talk.

Anderson Casimiro (Speaker) at 11:10 on 11 Dec 2018

Hi Miguel, Sietze

Thanks for your feedback.

@Sietze: Sure I'll apply your suggestions next time. What you think about a webinar or something similar covering the gaps you mentioned?