Symfony is a request and response framework. But what about all that magic that happens around your code? Why isn’t autowring slowing things down? And how is it that Symfony components can be so decoupled but sill play so well together? I will show you the Symfony internals and its architecture. This talk will go over the architecture of Symfony. We will follow the request and the response paths throw the framework. We will do some stops at the components that are more awesome than others. This talk is perfect for you who is working with Symfony or Laravel and want to understand what the framework actually is doing for you.


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Rae Knowler at 12:02 on 7 Dec 2018

A fun and illuminating talk that was helpful for me (using Symfony for four years now) and will be very useful for our apprentices just getting started too. Thanks!

Traian Bratucu at 17:38 on 7 Dec 2018

Awesome, well paced and easy to understand. Aaaand... useful!

Cosmin Sandu at 09:48 on 21 Dec 2018

Video here: