We got the task to make an order API, from open order, to delivered, with payments in between and after. So there are naturally a lot of states, and a lot of transitions where we needed to calculate the prices correctly and handle credit card transfers. Keeping track of all of this, and when we need to do what, ensuring that an order is always up to date, and that it has the data it needs, and that we send good error messages when a user can not do an action, was a challenge for us until we discovered the workflow component. This is a real happy use case story where I will show you how we did this, and how much more straightforward it was for us to build an otherwise complex system using the workflow component.


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Tom Adam at 10:52 on 6 Dec 2018

Putting this here as there doesn't seem to be a talk for the replacement. I enjoyed this talk and am looking forward to using it in a future project. I would have liked to hear a bit more and see some examples on when to choose between workflows and state machines.

Very interesting talk, i already used the workflow component for state machine but for some reason completely missed out the use of the events it’s firing.


(Please link the slides :) )

Great speaker, interesting talk and powerful component!

Great talk and definitely something I will use in my projects.

Paulius K at 13:30 on 6 Dec 2018

Tobias is great speaker, the presentation was great. I've already use this component, it's pretty awesome and powerful. Got few things cleared out

Pedro Ribeiro at 22:26 on 7 Dec 2018

Great speaker. Congrats.

Bruno Paz at 10:02 on 8 Dec 2018

I imagine it shouldn't be easy to replace a speaker so close to the start of the conference. Even so, Tobias did an amazing job.

Really enjoyed this talk.

Robert Podwika at 18:57 on 8 Dec 2018

It was a really great talk I had known about this component before the talk happened but now I see a clear advantage and benefits of using it. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks

Got good insights on how we might use the workflow component ourselves. Liked the extensive explanation on the events fired.
Speaker presentation was good, funny at times but no too much. I liked it!

Great talk. The structure of the talk was great. I left feeling like I knew how to use symfony workflows and I'm definitely going to check it out. All in all a well found replacement talk that gave me the knowledge I was hoping for from the first talk.

GReat talk for a very useful tool!

Probably my preferred talk in the whole conference, and that's with having Tobias replacing Michelle last minute!

Impressive speaker, great theoretical part at the start of the talk which makes it an actual advanced topic, not only based on a single implementation, and no references to the documentation or anything.

I really loved how the talk is directed to proper software developers and is not a simple how-to, even though we go through the actual implementation.