With Webpack, your JavaScript & CSS code can have superpowers you've only dreamed up. And with Symfony's Webpack Encore, you can get all of this with almost zero setup time! In this talk, we'll quickly learn the basics of Webpack Encore, then, turn to the lessons we've learned over the past year: answer popular questions and explore common problems people run into when moving to Encore. We'll also dive into a host of lesser-known best practices that you can follow to make sure your frontend coding is as streamlined as possible. A modern frontend build system: all in the time of one talk!


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Very interesting and nicely presented

Traian Bratucu at 17:53 on 7 Dec 2018

Nicely presented, clear, good pace. Well done!

You can call this presentation "Modern Javascript for Symfony developers" ;) Great stuff! Highfive for Leanna :)

Miguel Sousa at 09:42 on 10 Dec 2018

Simply perfect.

We were thinking of moving into webpack before, and now we will for sure.

Can you share your slides?

Andrew Barm at 13:47 on 10 Dec 2018

Very interesting and needed topic

As a backend developer not often facing frontend web development, I was really interested in this talk, and the beginner level was definitely the right level for me.
Ryan, other than being the right person for this talk due to the fact he basically developed it, is also a very confident speaker who delivers well.
Not going to deep into the tool, he demonstrates how this actually abstract the underlying complexity of the javascript ecosystem.