Artificial Neural Network in a Tic Tac Toe Symfony Console Application


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I was a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of the topic, nice one anyway.
Just be aware that "function" is not "foonction" ;-)

Anonymous at 19:34 on 28 Nov 2014

Console helpers explanation las unnecesary, and did not match with the topic

Nice intro to a new and interesting topic. Thanks

I did not understand the goal of this talk. Actually, there was 2 subjects: symfony console, then (and not and) ANN.

I liked the first part on the console component.

I did not really understand the ANN part because it's an hard topic. I think some picture could have helped. Then, because almost all the "real" code lives in the PECL, the code speakers showed did not help.

Anyway, It give me the will to dig into the second subject.

I understand that some people may think that this kind of sessions are "too far from PHP". But it's important to be exposed to these advanced topics during conferences, because you don't have time to investigate them in your daily work.

Regarding the session contents, I found the ANN theory part extremely advanced. I guess that the topic itself is impossible to be explained in a more clear way given the short amount of time available. However, Ariel and Eduardo could think of simpler ways to explain these basic concepts, such as using more visual diagrams or showing some extremely simple example code.

Overall, I liked the session a lot because it's totally different from what you would expect in a PHP/Symfony conference and because it was really cool to watch Symfony Console component playing Tic-Tac-Toe against a human.

One of the most original talks I have attended to. It is awesome what these guys have done with good old PHP.

Plus, the Console application they showed is just awesome. And open-sourced for everybody to enjoy

I am personally tired of the same boring introductory talks with 0 risk all over again. Surely they have their audience but original talks like this are what I expect from a supposedly advanced conference.

And you cannot expect to understand what an ANN is and how it works in a 10 minutes review if you have never studied it. Having pictures may have helped but I am not really sure about it. The slides were good enough to me in order to refresh some concepts I learnt in the Coursera lessons some months ago and had forgotten about.

Nice work Edu & Ariel

Anonymous at 13:50 on 3 Dec 2014

Interesting but very theoretical