Life After Assetic: State of the Art Symfony 2 Frontend Dev


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Just need a voice a bit more loud, but nice talk!

Good talk, informative and easy to follow!

Nice talk, easy to follow, clear key concepts. Five points if the talk would have been delivered with more pace and passion.

Though I'm quite familiar with these topics, I think many people who aren't, appreciated the speed of this talk.
I did however miss some examples about integration with Symfony, the drawbacks, pitfalls, tips/tricks, if there are any..

As a back-end developer who leads a team which includes front-end developers this talk was really quite helpful.

Anonymous at 16:52 on 28 Nov 2014

Maybe, the talk should be better named as Gulp. Sorry, but it was rather boring way to explain that material.

Nice and hip stuff in this presentation. Would have been nice if you executed some of the commands in your terminal instead of showing them on the slides.

Anonymous at 16:44 on 4 Dec 2014