Make Symfony shine with Varnish


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I really liked the presentation and the speaker. Instead of the usual boring introductory Varnish presentation, Carlos showed a lot of practical examples and some nice code/configuration samples. He mentioned lots of problems and issues when using Varnish with Symfony and explained how did they solve those problems in their application.

My only constructive criticism is that slides were packed with small text and sometimes it was really hard to read their contents.

Slides hold too much explanation, that was a little bit difficult to keep concentrated. On the other side I were really waiting for things that will makes Varnish shine.

Too much content, and the speaker was basically reading the slides and hoping for the audience to understand. I would have like a more focused talk. Also, I didn't like the Cookie/session problem solution. It seems rather inappropriate to couple your cache server to your backend...

Although the content was very useful, it was too much for me for only one hour and the last talk of the day. Honestly I could not follow the talk, my mind just went to other place, some slides very dense. Please, don't get my wrong, this is only my opinion and sometimes is better to say the truth instead of just give 5 meaningless points.

Great talk content but I did find it a little hard to keep engaged/concentrated throughout due to the quite heavy amount of content.

Anonymous at 15:08 on 28 Nov 2014

Really great job explaining Varnish but maybe too dense slides.

I did not learn a lot during this conference, and IMHO, there is better way to handle the regular issue with session + public cache. Then, the speaker was wrong on some point. For instance, to clear varnish cache, it's much much better to use `varnsishadm "ban.url .*"` than `/etc/init.d/varnish restart`.

Very good talk and very useful for those that didn't know Varnish