PHP object mocking framework world: let's compare Prophecy and PHPUnit


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Good talk for being your first time, but was entry level on the topic or usage of the frameworks.
Hope to see you on me re conferences.

I didn't really understand the advantages of a system over the other. Talk ran a bit too fast.
Also, too much French accent and too much shy

Unfortunately, Sarah is not a very good speaker in English, so it was not very catching. Plus I felt the content of the talk wasn't interesting for someone who already know about prophecy.

I was more expecting a talk about the pros and cons between each other instead of showing how to do unit testing in both systems (which is pretty hard to do on slides). You should rework your presentation and even speak about Mockery which should have his place in the comparison.

And you didn't had to excuse yourself at the end for your English. It was comprehensive enough!


I believe Sarah is an excellent enthousiastic speaker, but the problem was the content of the slides. Too much code, too few highlighting of things. Also I missed some introduction on the topic, only by the end there were some overview slides. Keynotes shouldn't be examples of code, but about showing ideas.

So simplify the slides, and it will be fine! :-)

I feel it could be a lot more useful and symfony-oriented talking about how to mock symfony services or parameters, rather than focusing so much in doing a large example in both phpunit and prophecy. Good job anyway.

Well done for a first time! I was missing Mockery in this talk. I would be interested in a comparison between Prophecy and Mockery.

No bad as for first talk.

Decent overview, some errors though and an emphasis on testing after the fact, which is not what Prophecy is about.

Interesting, but I think too much code makes it difficult to follow. It also took so much time to explain each example that it ended up in a short comparison, which was what I was looking forward to.

Nice talk anyway.