Rock Solid Deployment of Symfony Apps


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Anonymous at 14:44 on 27 Nov 2014

Muy buena la charla.

Your talk is one of these talks that I love because it includes tons of things I didn't know about. Eye opener!

A good resume of the best practices of deployment techniques. I missed a bit more detail on Docker deployments with the latest tools

Anonymous at 16:00 on 27 Nov 2014

Great talk an very usefully. As a Git user, I'm looking forward to try all the techniques explained to avoid FTPing in the near future!

Very nice a talk and fully of helpful tips.

Very good overview to the existing tools, well delivered.

It is always tricky to target all sort of audiences but I saw many people in the audience interested in Ansible. Possibly some Docker notes could be added, but of course the time was quite limited

Great talk overall

Anonymous at 00:03 on 28 Nov 2014


Overview of way to deploy apps. That was well explained.

Very nice and complete talk to newcomers in the deployment world. It was a rather good overview of almost all the tools and methods to do better deploys. I left with a solid sense of understanding of the full stack and wanting to know more and try all those tools. Congrats!

Good overview on deployment options. You made the best possible presentation taking into account you only had a little over half an hour.

Nice talk, a little more time dedicated to the latest technologies in the list like Docker and Ansible would have made it brilliant.

Packed with good info, delivered at a good paste. I enjoyed listening to this talk.

Actually, this was a list of tools, and I'm not sure to now what's the best tools the manage "Rock Solid Deployment of Symfony Apps". I miss some information about many front, data migration, load balancing, version convergence ...

The talk was interesting although I've already seen a very similar talk at php conference argentina 2013 :/

very good talk. Impressed about how much stuff is covered in such a short amount of time.
What I always miss in these talks though are the DB migrations issues, which sometimes forces you to have some downtime if not managed properly.
Those "asado" pictures forces me to give you full marks ;)