The Twelve-Factor App: Best Practices for PHP on Platforms-as-a-Service


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Your talk assumed that we all knew about Heroku. You were all the time typing commands which I had no idea what they did, so I was completely lost

Very interesting talk, unfortunately demo effect has struck again :)

very to the point, as always!
if it was bug-free, I would have given it all the stars!

Anonymous at 15:47 on 28 Nov 2014

Slow paced and most of it was listing the points and that was it...

Good about 12factors, and 12factors aware services. Clear, and entertaining.

Anonymous at 22:19 on 28 Nov 2014

Anonymous at 23:35 on 28 Nov 2014

I didn't expect this talk to be a Heroku demo. It started good, but after a few minutes I lost all interest, even thought the talk premise seemed interesting.