Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project


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Anonymous at 17:13 on 4 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 17:34 on 4 Dec 2015

Thank you !

Anonymous at 17:35 on 4 Dec 2015

Very interesting conference

It was an excellent talk. Very inspiring!

Anonymous at 17:43 on 4 Dec 2015

Very good talk that conveys very well all the human aspect of Open Source projects; The bad parts and the good parts, things you should be careful of and things you better not care. By far one of the most interesting prez

Anonymous at 23:21 on 4 Dec 2015

Great talk, very insightful.

I love the way you teach respect and patience. We get to feel the amazing dedication to the project behind the scene. That is, transmitting passion in the nicest way. Thanks !

Anonymous at 00:26 on 5 Dec 2015

You really did a master piece.
I will really spread the word in our communities to make sure everyone see it :)

Thanks Jordi, and really awesome work!

Simply awesome!

Great great talk! Really inspiring, really fun and interesting story and point of view.

A must watch talk for everyone using or contributing to a Open Source project.
Skillfully presented :)

inspiring and "heart breaking" sometimes! :D

Thanks! Keep rocking the php open source community!

Thank you! Feel a little bit better about not contributing actual code, helping people in IRC also counts and that's what I occasionally try to do. :)

It's good to hear about the other side and you did it in a very comprehensive way, so thank you for that :-)

realy a great talk

how not to be touched by the testimony of Jordi.
Thank you for this talk, and for everything you do!

Must watch for everybody!

Anonymous at 11:10 on 9 Dec 2015

Good talk, great feedback. I wasn't expect this kind of behavior from the community. We have to keep helping people for free ^^

Really great talk

A fantastic talk with a really important message behind it.

This is one of those keynotes that should be mandatory watching (with a yearly refresher) by anyone who uses twitter, uses open source projects or works on open source projects.

Very useful and nice talk!