Building high profile webapps with Symfony and API Platform


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Anonymous at 14:24 on 3 Dec 2015

The presenter simply read a pre-written script.

Anonymous at 14:36 on 3 Dec 2015

please, speak english, not frenchglish. it is not understandable. it's not dynamic. you just talk like a robot. son much text on slide.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 3 Dec 2015

Just reading from a script is not how this is done. It was hard to not lose attention which is a shame since the topic would be very interesting.

Hans Stevens at 14:47 on 3 Dec 2015

really hard to understand

English is difficult to understand

They just read text from paper/laptop

Yohann Marillet at 14:49 on 3 Dec 2015

On top of previous comments which I totally agree with, it felt more like a presentation for a commercial product, with tons of blah blah, boring... The only interesting part was the usage of the api-platform itself, but there was so little code shown... Rating 2 stars for the effort, but seriously I'd rather read the documentation to get a good idea of what it is capable of

Anonymous at 14:57 on 3 Dec 2015

Api platform sounds like a great and promising future, but I'd suggest to improve English pronunciation and speech animation to produce a living and entertaining effect.

Anonymous at 15:02 on 3 Dec 2015

Speakers were very hard to understand. Especially when reading from the script. Was slightly better when they were talking freely.

Anonymous at 15:32 on 3 Dec 2015

Very nice content, but as said, hard to follow at some points :(

Anonymous at 15:38 on 3 Dec 2015

This was not easy to understand both for French or English attendance.

Would love to learn about api platform without the advertising.

Anonymous at 15:39 on 3 Dec 2015

Excuse me sir! Do you speak english?

Thanks for the effort and for the work put into the API platform, it's promising.

Despite the English, the presentation was interesting and APIPlatform is definitively a beautiful project! :)

Anonymous at 17:50 on 3 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 18:19 on 3 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 22:43 on 3 Dec 2015

Content and subject were good. But English reading / speaking made the whole presentation very painful.

Anonymous at 10:02 on 4 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 10:51 on 4 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 11:17 on 4 Dec 2015

Like a robot, too bad

Anonymous at 12:44 on 4 Dec 2015

The speakers were reading all the time, which is definitely not how it's done. And please choose speakers that DO speak a good understandable english. The API Plataform looks like a great thing to use, but I rather prefer to read the documentation though.

The community should be thankful for Kevin's work on API Platform, that's an amazing piece of code to solve a common web problem. Having to decipher his English is really something I can do, and really nothing compared to listening from a great community contributor.

Great subject, bad presentation. Reading slides isn't worthy of an international conference. You gys needed much, much more preparation.

That being said, I look forward to the success of API platform!

Anonymous at 15:08 on 4 Dec 2015

Not enough api-platform tips. Maybe too commercial

Anonymous at 15:22 on 4 Dec 2015

Don't read script.
Don't stay static.
Difficult to understand both for French and non English speakers.

2 stars for effort because I know this is a difficult exercice.

The content was really great even if the english was not perfect.

Anonymous at 17:09 on 4 Dec 2015

Poor presentation. API platform seems to be a great tool though!

Great work experience. Presentation would need some work.

Poor presentation. Could have been interesting talk.

Anonymous at 00:32 on 5 Dec 2015

English was difficult but the content was interesting. API Platform looks quite promising.

I have some little expertise in the API domain, and I can think of a lot of interesting stuff to talk about APIs, and less from a product, besides the fact that they just read a pre-written script, non the less I understand that the english ability of the presenter was not the best, thanks a lot for the effort (I'm learning french so I know how it feels), maybe next time he can practice more and give the talk by himself. The result was really cool, is just that it sounded like a marketing talk.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 5 Dec 2015

The API platform seems to be very interesting, but the way you presented it was lacking in quality. Don't just read slides, I'm convinced you can tell a story when you prepare it properly.

Need way more practice. If you go on stage an you read the script, blankly you simply loose the attention of the crowd. Being a public speaker is tough, being a speaker in foreign language is even worst, I get it, but this session has been one of the most difficult to follow for me. Need more more more practice, maybe you should try the speech with your fellows a couple of time before going public (also try some minor local user groups to make some practice).

great project, great toolS, good content... you should improve a bit the presetation (less reading)

Very interesting !

Anonymous at 11:00 on 7 Dec 2015

Some difficulties to speak English properly but a very interesting topic.

Thank you for the great work on that presentation.

Anonymous at 15:09 on 7 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 15:10 on 7 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 15:13 on 7 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 15:14 on 7 Dec 2015

Great presentation

Anonymous at 15:17 on 7 Dec 2015

Besides the english skill which made the talk hard to understand, I wasn't completely convinced (nor the opposite).

On one side it was a good presentation of the product and its features (even if it lacked some code example to really convince imho).
On the other side I had the feeling that you were always saying that the product didn't filled your use case and that you had to hack it a lot to introduce your business logic. But maybe I missed something.

Very interesting talk, and understandable (but no script the next time would be a good idea).

Nice talk, and feedback about a real-world use of API-Platform. Nothing to say about the slides / content of the talk, but the expression could be improved, though.

Very interesting subject!
Sure, the english, was far to be perfect, but Kevin had the courage to go on stage to present his great tool !

Anonymous at 11:11 on 9 Dec 2015

The api platform is a cool project even if the english of the speaker is not really good.

Anonymous at 19:48 on 11 Dec 2015

Really hard to understand. Please avoid to read your pre-written script and use your slides to explain the keywords which are on.

Also please improve your English pronunciation.
API Platform looks great, but it's hard to understand with such explanations :/

The content was interesting but the presentation was a mess!
It would be better if it a was more natural, we even haven't notice any transition in your explanations.

Anyway, Thank you for your priceless contributions to the community!