Continuous delivery, testing in prod, autoscaling and business workflows for a SF app in the Cloud


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nothing about Symfony. Mostly about any weApp. good azure services presentation.

Quite disappointing. Mostly same comment as I made for previous talk about But here, the title is very misleading and totally hide it would be a "gold sponsor marketing show". I mean, speaker is great, Azure is surprisingly good, and recent Microsoft strategy is more open and cool. Great. But I was not here to see a presentation made of screenshots explaining how to use Azure platform. Could have been much better to talk about good practices first (like load balancing traffic between two instances to warm up the new one and switch when ok and make a 0 downtime deployment, the says Azure supports that easily).

Anonymous at 22:05 on 4 Dec 2015

Guillaume Potier sums it quite well: I expected code, practices, some common issues and how the Azure platform resolves them. A demo to show how the platform works is a good thing, having only that in the talk and none of the points mentioned before is disappointing.