How Symfony Components boost the next generation of TYPO3


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Anonymous at 09:25 on 4 Dec 2015

Introduction was too long. "A 'brief' history" in 20 minutes is not brief in a 40 minute talk.

Q&A session was interesting. Focus more on telling success stories than blame your code base!

Anonymous at 12:11 on 4 Dec 2015

Super-interesting presentation - I would have loved to know more about the CMS itself (and see it in action) to see the use cases where it is better than the others (which apparently it is).

Cool introduction, but I think it can be shortened though - but nice idea with the South Park guys!

Good Q&A session - took long but was entertaining.

Anonymous at 19:39 on 6 Dec 2015

I'm always interested by these talks on how projects with large code bases move forward whilst keeping their users comfortable and happy.

I'd echo that the introduction was maybe a bit too long and also add that in future with the microphone set up you need to be careful to make sure it's not under your nose (otherwise the audience can hear every time you breath out).

Overall I'd say it was a good presentation which showed some interesting problems and the solutions you found.

Hopefully see you soon!