Lightning fast Symfony tests


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Anonymous at 12:40 on 4 Dec 2015

All test that were in slides for functionality tests mostly. Was expecting few faster ui testing methodology. But liked it though

Anonymous at 13:05 on 4 Dec 2015

Good overview talk, good slides.

Great testing strategy!

Would have expected more tips on how to make the left-over functional tests lightning fast. Strategies for fixture loading, how to deal with database, 3rd party apis etc etc...

Very nice example, well explained. Thanks !

Anonymous at 00:25 on 5 Dec 2015

Nice examples, I was expecting more more tech talk, but still really good.

Main motto of the presentation should be "Proper testing leads you do proper architecture" and by the way you get really fast test suite.
You can make tests really fast when you deal with stuff like db and 3 parties apis using abstraction, but integration and functional tests are important as well. Great talk tnx Jakub!

Very good talk with a good perspective and good arguments.

Thanks for feedback everyone!

@Ahmad @Mario the point of the talk was to show that the most of your effort should go to unit testing, and only some of it to integration testing (to validate contracts). Whatever you do to improve the UI tests' performance, database fixtures loading etc, will never be enough. The key is to change your approach. Thanks for your comments. You made me realise I need to put more emphasis on explaining how important this is.

I was also expecting some magical methods to make Symfony functional tests blazing fast but what I heard were really important points as well.

Alex Niedre at 10:53 on 19 Feb 2016

Really liked the talk. Shame there's no video of it to recap. :)