Matters of State


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Yohann Marillet at 11:24 on 4 Dec 2015

Looks promising !

Anonymous at 11:29 on 4 Dec 2015

Nice overview, learned some things.
Too bad it was eventually just a really long announcement of an upcoming library.

Very nice presentation!

Anonymous at 11:31 on 4 Dec 2015

Amazing talk, like allways

Anonymous at 11:34 on 4 Dec 2015

Amazing talk, like allways

Good talk, clear, concise, funny. A bit frustrating not being able to test it right now, and some difficulty to see an immediate business advantage to refactor all events in a mature massively evented application to use this lib, except maybe for readability. Would have to try it on a new/side/pet project. But great work/talk nevertheless!

Koen Vinken at 11:58 on 4 Dec 2015

Best talk yet imo. Now finish the library ;-)

Anonymous at 12:40 on 4 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 13:07 on 4 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 13:33 on 4 Dec 2015

Inspiring as... Inspiring! Thanks for the conference

Anonymous at 13:33 on 4 Dec 2015

Inspiring as... Inspiring! Thanks for the conference

Anonymous at 13:45 on 4 Dec 2015

Brilliant talk. The transitions between topics was very smooth and the whole talk professional and interesting. The idea of a Symfony State Machine seems to be cool and I'm looking forward to try out the library.

Anonymous at 17:11 on 4 Dec 2015

Just excellent ! Clear, concise state of the art, promising development. Thanks !

Anonymous at 00:24 on 5 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 10:12 on 5 Dec 2015

Perfect balance between humor concept and technique. Bravo !

Great great talk, looking forward to see the final bundle working.

Inspiring talk. I'm glad you decided to come to France! Really looking forward to see (and use) the library you're working on.

Brilliant presentation. I'm not sure about the proposed solutions, but the session was really really nice.

Great talk about a common problem.
Very promissing tools, I hope, it could be a present for Christmass ;)

Really good idea and introduction for it, wish the library was finished by the time of presentation

Anonymous at 19:54 on 11 Dec 2015

Good presentation, good programming principles (even not related to SF, and that's a good point IMO).

Thank you!

Great talk! the approach was clear and well explained and the library looks very promising.