Move Fast, Break Less: From DevOps to NoOps with


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Anonymous at 12:21 on 3 Dec 2015

Really great flow. Thank you! seems to be really cool.

Anonymous at 14:38 on 3 Dec 2015

very convincing speech. dynamic and funny speaker. i would like to try the platform.

Anonymous at 15:37 on 3 Dec 2015

Quite a performance given by the platform team, it was very refreshing and interesting too.
Looking forward to use your platform ;-)

Great platform . Great presentation.

Excellent "show". No need for two speakers if only one nearly fill all the scene with its gestures and comic talk. It's disappointing we only had a "marketing" presentation. I mean looks cool, but I hoped I could gain from this talk some good practices, tips, technos, things not only related to I should have been more skeptical with in the title and go to track A to learn things about devops/ noops not jailed to a specific platform.

Funny speaker, bad timing. I wish the conference rooms had walkie talkies to avoid starting this talk too early.

Anonymous at 15:13 on 4 Dec 2015

The next time, can you try to not pertubing the previous conference? Be a "gold" sponsor does not allow you to be unpleasant with the others speakers... Kiss!

Can't wait to try Seems impressive!

Anonymous at 17:09 on 4 Dec 2015

Would have loved to see more code and less commercial stuff :( Nice talk overall and great presentation.

Great great tool and product, but presentation was all marketing, really boring for tech guys.

Great speaker. The presentation was entertaining and interesting. I was not aware of hence I was really curious about it and I enjoyed the overview. Sadly There wasn't much more than an overview of it. Now that I know the big picture, maybe I'll give it a shot. I'll give this talk only 3 out of 5 because I need more tech stuff to rate it higher. With less marketing stuff and more detailed tech stuff this could have been a 5.

Shame about the timing between the two tracks, would loved to have heard more from this talk.
Despite being a "marketing" talk he was obviously passionate and knowledgeable. Would have been brilliant if he had more time to do his demos and talk more about LXC containers.
Great stage presence :)

Very good talk ! Funny speakers ! Gonna try