Symfony routing under the hood


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Anonymous at 15:41 on 3 Dec 2015

Nice overview of routing mechanisms and commonly used routing bundles. Bit slow presentation, not very much new.

Anonymous at 15:41 on 3 Dec 2015

Good overview of the possibilities, clearly explained.

Nice talk on a very interesting subject but it should have been more dynamic

Nice talk, thanks David.

Yohann Marillet at 16:43 on 3 Dec 2015

Good pres

Anonymous at 16:56 on 3 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 17:12 on 3 Dec 2015

Anonymous at 17:13 on 3 Dec 2015

More dynamic presentation please. Less bullet points, more talking. Less "Ähh" and more self-confidence. Improving gesture and moving on stage with and visual connection to the crowd. Maybe more code examples for explanation. Slides with more colours and shapes.

Anonymous at 18:10 on 3 Dec 2015

Nice talk by David, but nothing new, almost all things can be found in documentation

Anonymous at 10:51 on 4 Dec 2015

Nothing really new, but very nice to understand what happens under the hood.

The start was a bit slow, but then came the very nice stuff.

Great talk, nice tips and more techie talk.

The technical part was good but the talk was not energetic (a bit too swiss :p )