Build Awesome REST APIs With Symfony2


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Very good speach. Speaker split was well done. The note on HATEOAS was spot on and very appreciated - it's still a suprasingly uknown topic for some. If I were speaking I'd do an additional Lighting talk just on that subject. The slides contain additional material on OAuth - did you run out of time? I don't recall that being mentioned.'

this time i like this because i was able to understand content negotiation better, thanks for the time and thought put into making it clear and to the point. William is very smart but the english was a bit of a hindrance but he is so smart that who cares about it.

@Marcin: We just added the slides on LiipCacheControlBundle and OAuth for the off chance that we go faster than expected or someone asks a question on it. Also this way they are at leas available for reading at home :)

Good talk! I realize that i have to improve some stuff in my code. About HATEOS i would like to check how it works with client side apps like angularjs for example... really interesting part was about DDD and REST

Very good explain how to build REST API in the right way with Symfony2.

All the good practices related to REST APIs with Symfony2 in one place, that's a must-see! I've been using FOSRestBundle for over a year now and I still feel amazed about how simple things are when using it. I'll make my best in catching up with the other bundles mentioned in your talk. Thank you guys!

Great job during the talks and great job with the FOSReatBundle.

Very good presentation. Perfect balance between "in a nutshell" and deep down "in practice" parts. I was interested in seeing someone doing HATEOAS because that's the last part I was missing and I got all I wished for :) Thanks guys!

Good talk with great examples.

Great presentation, I've learned a lot!

Great talk on REST! Maybe a summary slide with all bundles can be great, it can be hard for a newcomer to figure it out how each bundle interact together.

Really nice talk, learned a lot and discovered great bundles to help build REST APIs

Really great! Loved the HATEOAS part and the content negociation was very well explained.

Anonymous at 08:27 on 16 Dec 2013

Really great talk ! The two speaker say explain very godd, and all example is very nice

Good talk, I enjoyed Lukas's part especially.

Very good talk. It covered a lot of complex subjects that were very well explained - like HATEOS and content-negotation.

Very nice talk!