Decouple your application with (Domain-)Events


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talked started a bit slow but really liked the second half and the fact you provided different solutions while detailing their pros and cons to make it clearer for what situations they would best apply.

I liked it. It started slow , but you also very clearly made the case with existing problems and the benefits of events, which I'm sure is useful for people new to this. Tying everything together with practical examples was great.

nice talk, was too tired to stand until the end but will check slides afterwards

That sort of talk i would like to see more often.

Valuable information kept flowing. We could feel the high level of sharp experience in the field. Thank you!

Thanks for a talk! I enjoyed it.

I really like domain events idea and those two approaches which you show. For me it was really interesting talk. I would love to hear more talks about DDD in symfony in the future :)

Very nice talk giving much more than you can read in the documentation.

great talk, and i think it was right to first really explain what the problem is. liked the point of the first part (if i got that right) that we should not overengineer things and do the simple thing if it is good enough for the situation.

Definitely the best presentation on SymfonyCon. Perfectly executed - not a word of hesitation and covering all the good architecture 101 bases like a champ :)

Very good insight about how you should implement your next project.

Very good insight about how you should implement your next project.

You were able to content all skill-levels in the audience, which is really good. Even felt too short at the end!

Very interesting approach to building software with Symfony. Perfectly delivered, I really liked it.

Really loved this talk - the best of me at the #SymfonyCon !
Very interesting and well presented.

Will there be a video available of this presentation?

Quite good talk, despite contradictory approaches :)

Quite good talk, despite contradictory approaches :)

Awesome, as usual!