Diving deep into Twig


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Good talk, gave a good understanding of how twig compiling works. Wish i had seen that before doing my first custom token parser :-)
I think you could streamline a bit more by leaving out the operator precedence discussion. It did not really matter to the understanding the compiler i think, and there was no example needing people to understand those details.

i need to say that the presentation addressed all niuances of twig template compiling. the one i was looking for and was not covered in talk was best practices for creating own filters, functions and tags. i think it is worth mentioning when we should use filters and when use tags or functions because sometimes it can be tricky to decide.

@dbu, it helps to build some confidence in the audience, yeah it is an artifact. I just wish there was more content so more time to deliver it and more connection with symfony and the cache discussion totally transparent. i bet he is going to blog post about it.

Good and detailed talk... probalby even too much detailed. Great stuff about token parsers, custom extensions etc. But not sure if part about lexers wasn't too much

Nice touch with going deep down on how parsers work and moving on to basics of Twig. Well prepared and a good execution.

Really great talk on twig, focusing a well hidden features. The token example should be a bit more complex as the current example can be done with a function.

Maybe, next time you can focus on a feature that you cannot achieve with a function, like displaying the template name (https://github.com/sonata-project/SonataCoreBundle/commit/69a080213ea8b85ef80d21fecc16eb3a18e4beec)

Very good talk about Twig internals and very detailed.

This talk was very good I learned a lot with it and how Twig internals work. Thank you