Drop ACE, use voters


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Anonymous at 10:51 on 13 Dec 2013

Really liked the approach illustrating the advantages of voters by explaining how the same solution works with voters and ACE. maybe speak a tiny bit slower next time.

Great talk ! I'm proud of my sweetheart :]

I missed the arguments where ACE is good to use - it sounded as if you should always implement voters yourself. ACE has it's use-cases, where simple voters are not enough

Conclusions were really good. Very good talk.

Very beginners talk. Little bit to less slides about profiling comprehension with ACE. Big up for XHProf but it wasn't a word about which env (dev/prod) you profile the application.


@Max It was in prod environment, added the note on the slides. Thank you

Nice talk showing how complicated ACL is. I would like to hear when it have sense to use such things as well.

Anonymous at 23:21 on 13 Dec 2013

Anonymous at 09:49 on 14 Dec 2013

Nice talk, but IMHO missed use cases for ACL and voters in comparison.

I' d prefer to have more example about voter but good talks.

Nice talk introducing the voters. What I was missing (as some others suggested) was a better comparison on when is ACE actually more useful than voters. Also the part about the ACE was a bit too humdrum and sometimes I just could not focus on the presentation, but I got the idea it's more complicated than voters ;) (I also kinda blame it on my tiredness on Friday).

Quite good for me, maybe not perfectly executed but you could see that Marie god stressed in the begining because of technical problems - so that probably made too much impact. Nevertheless good content and a fine comparison between ACE and voters.

good talk, and great you got through the presentation despite the technical problems taking away from your presentation time.
the ACE get a lot worse when you have something like sonata admin showing you a whole list of entities - we went up to a couple of 1000 sql queries for a page. there are tricks to preload the aces to make things more efficient - some receipies how to cope with ACE when you can't avoid them would be a great addition to the presentation.

During your presentation I was a little bit disappointed that you are talking about ACE on and on, but the idea to compare ACE and voters ease of use by the time spent to describe each of it was great :) As other listeners here say, I missed some guides when it's better to use ACE.

Very nice, now I use only voters

Anonymous at 11:14 on 16 Dec 2013

Very Interesting talk !
Thank you

Like Lukas said, good talk but take your time.

Anonymous at 16:15 on 16 Dec 2013

Well, very good presentation.


Anonymous at 16:43 on 18 Dec 2013

Great talk and content! Was nice to see in a "very simple" way how can you achieve the same thing with ACE and voters and how much more simple it is implement them with voters! My recommendation for the next time would be to speak a little slower.