How Kris Writes Symfony Apps


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It's very easy to listen!

i really enjoyed this talk, especially the way Kriss was answering audience questions

Really interesting talk with a different perspective on how to write apps.

Very nice talk! Cheers, Kris!

Nice talk. I totally agree with Kris way of writing apps.

Must be 5, because you're always right!

And good to know that my hacks are not alone :)

Very pragmatic talk with just the right amount of controversial topics :)

You are hell of a speaker. It was nice to sit there and listen. Thank you.

I have seen the slides for this presentation before (previous version probably though), but I must say they totally don't do justice to Kris' performance. Perfectly executed, I was totally focus the whole time. Loved the sense of humour and how you can speak about heavy things in a lightly manner :) Great job Kris and congrats on the award - fully deserved.

Great presentation. Really enjoyed it. It's nice to be able to learn thinks you can't find in the documentation.

It was embarrassing that your speech had been planned to be delivered in a smaller room, cause it was totally must-see thing. I loved to hear all those practical guides. Very well done Kris!

Awesome talk.

Really good talk and very interesting, the examples and presentation were just great.

Great speaker and presentation

Fantastic talk! Kris did a fantastic presentation with lots of tips and by sharing his own experience!

Fantastic talk! And the award is totally deserved ;)

I believe between Kris and davedevelop the award should have been duplicated. I did not like that the case for proxy was not illustrated in a way that it properly portrays his understanding which is great. Maybe time constraints.

The point between annotations and anemic model are a bit contradictory between each other. Other than that it was a better talk that the one given at Sunshinephp which was good already and covered other topics.

Thanks for the slide on the "raising hand' at the beginning, it is really encouraging. I want to give you 5, but i will give you 4 because you have much more to deliver.