Increase productivity with Doctrine2 extensions


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Great content, just You shouldn't skip your afternoon Coffee

Thank you for having shared with us this return of experience

Doctrine behaviors from A to Z content was really good. Flow was just too sleppy

For me like for Leszek this talk was to sleepy. You should work on that and it will be much beter. You should also think about puting there more practical stuff.

Content was interesting, however it would be good if the presentation was a bit more dynamic.

Anonymous at 10:28 on 16 Dec 2013

The content was interesting, but the talk made us all fall asleep.

The subject is very good, with many example but the speakey asleep

The content was great but it was hard to follow because of the tonality and tempo of speaker's voice. It could have been more dynamic.

Well, the subject was interesting but the speaker need to be little more expressive ;)

The content was very good and was very well delivered. The only suggestion I have is in future talks to put some more energy on it!

Be more energetic, please!