Pitching Symfony to your Client


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Excited to start this talk!

i just was able to skim over your slides, did you have the video recorded? please post a link somewhere so we who missed yours can watch. I think from your slides it was a great talk :)

Anonymous at 01:49 on 13 Dec 2013

Sure. I'll post as soon as I upload to my vimeo or YouTube.

Very condensed talk. Covers all important things. That extra feature was quite interesting. I will try to implement your approach to my account managers.


Presentation was very good and the execution was spot on. Nevertheless I've missed some real life stories because most of the stuff felt like common knowledge or at least things that are intuitive but maybe needed to be said explicitly. Congrats John, good job! :)

I always like to hear how successful companies build good software, cause this is a chance to learn new things or just to make certain that things you know from books or collage aren't just theoretic stuff.

This time I've missed some more Symfony oriented tips. Still it was a very good talk!

Great opening talk on the subject. It is the first time the SymfonyLive/Con welcomed a talk about client.

As a side note, I would expect more examples.

Anonymous at 23:52 on 17 Dec 2013