Build your own framework... based on the Symfony2 components


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Fabien is not only very knowledgeable in the Symfony Components (obviously) but he also have a knack for passing this knowledge on and explaining how it all comes together.

The passion Fabien has for Symfony is really contagious and inspirational. Afterwards you just want to go home and write a lot of awesome software!

I learned a lot during this workshop and it alone made the trip to Cologne worth it for me.

Some concrete and constructive criticism:
- Give pause when writing a small snippet of code before moving on. It would be nice to be able to reflect more on what you are writing, rather than just copy your code.
- You write use statments really quick but for one not as familiar with the structure of the components it's hard to keep up once you're done and scrolls down to write more code.

Thanks for a great workshop!