Having to import a bunch of data is a common task and doing it efficiently is a difficult thing to do. In this talk I will go through an example and show you common limiting factors, how to identify issues and how to make bulk imports memory efficient and fast.


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Talk was very dense, with a lot of information and tips to different Symfony tricks and components.

Maybe the content was even to much? Since the talk had to stop early...

This made me yearn for a library that implements the while just, hopefully akeneo's batch will suffice.

Also 0 out of 5, was expecting way more p++.

But in general, thank you, system migrations are always a pain, glad to learn more ways to make them reasonable.

"the whole jsr" not "the whole just"

Excellent topic, very good delivery, but way too much stuff compressed in a single talk.
If it had half content, would give five stars

Lots of useful information, I definitely will use some of those advises in my existing projects.
What can be improved: some of the slides should be excluded to leave more time for the most important ones. Also at the beginning you seemed to be really nervous and keep moving on the stage, which was a bit distracting.

Samuele Lilli at 22:14 on 18 Oct 2019

Nice concepts and advices to take home, maybe too much concepts for a single talk, my advice is to cut something in order to allocate the time for more interesting things.
All in all still valuable.

Andy Roid at 08:59 on 21 Oct 2019

Best talk of the day for me.
Huge topic: appreciated the struggle to cover almost everything aspect related to it.

About 20 minutes in the middle of talk was not understandable, I really lost in what speaker wanted to say.

Extremely dense talk. Very interesting, perhaps it would work even better as a workshop, where you start with an import that takes hours and you refactor it using the patterns and tools discussed.