Docker has been a part of our development environments for long as of now. But its usage in production had not followed the same adoption curve, and it's instead rising only in the last years, mainly due to Kubernetes. But Kubernetes is not only a simple tool to port your containers into production, it goes beyond that! It lets (and forces) us developer embrace the twelve-factor approach, creating real cloud-native applications, where everything is parametrized and properly isolated. In this talk we'll see how a Symfony application can be easily packaged, parametrized and deployed using Docker, Kubernetes and Helm, up to the point of having one-click deployments of per-branch environments, a tool that makes review/QA of a feature really fast & easy.


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Great skills, excellent English, good insight. What can be improved: have a more defined narrative with summary and chapters instead of an uninterrupted workflow.

Very interesting subject matter, but oh-so-wide as a subject, might be worth scoping it down to make it more focused.

Great content. It made me re evaluate kubernetes!
There is a lot of content and maybe compressing it into 50 min is a bit reductive. Maybe a workshop :)

Really nice talk to explain the advantages of the technology. I will try it as soon as possible

I personally believe that Kubernetes and Helm are two hugely difficult topics to talk about in a live presentation. They are extremely code-oriented, and having a talk which contains a lot of code can easily become tiring.

Alessandro is a very good presenter and knows well what he's doing, I personally struggle a bit with following talks on this topic, but he got as close as possible to making it "digestible" even for me.

Samuele Lilli at 21:57 on 18 Oct 2019

Nice opening talk by Alessandro that - as usual - delivered it with great ability and simplicity even if the topic is huge.
Bonus point because it was kind of the natural prosecution of the one he had at PHPDay.

Andy Roid at 08:32 on 21 Oct 2019

Good talk as always by Alessandro Lai. Anyway kubernets still doesn't seem to be the right tool to my daily job.