Why is API platform a way to go and the new standard in developing apps? In this talk, I want to show you some real examples that we built using API platform including a ticketing system for the world’s biggest bicycle marathon and a social network that is a mixture of both Tinder and Facebook Messenger. We had to tackle problems regarding the implementation of tax laws in 18 different countries, dozens of translations (including Arabic), multiple role systems, different timezones, overall struggle with a complicated logic with an infinite number of branches, and more. Are you interested? Sign up for the talk.


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Good talk with a good flow, especially counting that handling a talk in two is harder!

Delivery could be a little slower, it ended a bit early.

I'm going to have to echo Alessandro's sentiments, the talk was exceptionally well rehearsed, but it could use a slower, and more natural pace.

I already met API Platform but your talk definitely helped me understand it more deeply. Thank you!
What can be improved: remove all non-relevant topics (e.g. testing tips were off-topic, even though they were good tips).

Samuele Lilli at 22:20 on 18 Oct 2019

Too much concepts that deserved a little more context, even if I already know API Platform I guess that this would have work better if some use cases were provided: for this topic I think it could be possibile to do so.
One thing I didn’t understood is the speaker alternation as I wish Paula to have more space to talk (I would have say the same if the alternation was the opposite).

Andy Roid at 09:04 on 21 Oct 2019

I know Api Platform and like it but every talk about it seems to me more a "commercial" spot than something useful to go deeper inside this technology.

Very informative and interesting talk, i'm definetly going to use it in my job! Also, the speakers were very kind and answered a lot of after-talk questions about the topic!