3 Steps to Symfony2 Form Mastery


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Great talk. I would like to see more examples for events but nonetheless, I enjoyed the talk very much

Anonymous at 20:08 on 8 Mar 2014

Very nice talk!

Very informative talk "That Forms Guy".
I liked the introduction and I think the talk covered the most important aspects of Symfony Form Compnent. Its not easy to fit a so complex compnent in one talk.

I would love to see a talk about "Dependent Forms" (the country, region etc) you mention in the talk, and the best practices for implementing such solution.

Also a little more advanced examples about Form Events would be nice.

Very good talk.

For those who want to see more advanced Form examples, I recommend to attend the Forms training. It's hard to put advanced examples into a talk with an audience that contains absolute beginners. In a training with few participants, we can cover this topic however.

Great talk,

For a beginer like me , was the key to look in diferent was to forms.....

I really like the way that Bernhard's presents his talks. He did a fantastic job explaining how we can mastery the Forms component in less than a hour with very good examples.

Very recommended!

Bernhard - the name was copy paste so i don't mess it up - your talk was extremelly clear and concise, i love it. And for me the bit about Data Transformers and Custom Form Types was very useful.

Great intro, great talk all the way and it was highly useful for newcomers to the Form component like me. Thanks Bernhard (go check his talk to learn the proper pronunciation:)