Full Stack BDD with Symfony2


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Excellent workshop from Marcello with great insight about BDD.
If you're interested in BDD (and you should) Marcello is the man.

Thank you Marcello!

Very interesting workshop. The first more theoretic part introducing concepts about agile, story writing, feature maps and impact maps was very usefull and exceded my expectations for the workshop.

Anonymous at 23:38 on 7 Mar 2014

The practical stuff was great for beginners. It showed clearly Marcello's point of view. Anyway, I think that this are great thinks but maybe that are too difficult to use in a few time anr with very little knowledge.

Marcello clearly has a lot of experience on the subjects and has very well prepared supports and examples.

He is very comunicative and made some very revealing points that totally changed my perception of BDD forever.

I just missed a couple more hours to be able to dig a little more deeper with more practical examples, specially on th Spec part of the workshop.


Great workshop with a great speaker! It's knowledge and it's passion about BDD as well as the way that he manages to make simple event the most complicated topics makes the workshop both inspiring and very easy to follow.

Marcello gave a great workshop on BDD. It is clear he's deeply passionate about the topic, combining that with his training expertise it results in a very effective and practical experience for the attendee.
Definitely a must!

Marcello has a gift to teach. The workshop was very well conducted with theory and then practical exercises that helped to understand in a very easy way the subject.

Also Marcello's clearly knows very much about the subject and I could see he's very passionate about it.

If you want to learn about Behat, BDD, PhpSpec this workshop is a must go.