Hexagonal Symfony


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I liked this talk a lot. I was a little "scared" with the title but then I understand its meaning.
I had already read some articles about domain driven design and similar topics but this talk cleared some ideas.
Also Marcello is a great guy. I loved the "Ports and Adapters" comparison.

So if you want to learn more about Domain Driven Design and how to structure well the various layers of your application you should definetely see the slides.

Marcello knows how to easily talk about hard topics.

For me this talk was one of the best talks of the day.

I really enjoyed the way how Marcello's presented the talk and his approach from starting with theory and historical references and then moving to the context with practical examples. Also the reference to "portuguese port wine" to explain "ports and adapters" was really fantastic.

Marcello your talk was awesome, my personal favorite, i'll start using hexagonal concepts. :)

@liuggio nailed it: "Marcello knows how to easily talk about hard topics".

Loved Marcello presentation, very engaging, with good energy, fun to follow. Marcello is empathetic and is very clear when transmitting his thoughts. Made me want to further explore the hexagonal concept presented.