Into the Kernel and back


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Anonymous at 14:53 on 8 Mar 2014

A good inside view on Symfony

Anonymous at 16:05 on 8 Mar 2014

very tech but slow

Nice talk to understand the inner workings of Symfony Kernel.
It could have more rhythm but good tech talk.

As I told you, I really liked your talk! You could have prepared some jokes, to wake the sleepers(I have a photo of Fabien P. with his eyes closed).
You could also have mention the "priority" argument in the services, but in the end your talk was super informative!

This topic was in my top list of the conference. Getting some insights from the internals is always good and get other points of views is even better.

Jakub managed it very well, with good examples. The only reason it's not a 5 stars is because of the colors on the slides sometimes was hard to read the code and also because it was a bit slow.

Jakub i think your presentation was very insightful, specially the part about kernel events. But maybe you should make it less dense on code so the concepts don't get fuzzy for the viewers.

Jakub is very knowledgeable about Symfony internals and gave a lot of examples to follow. Next time, bring a bit more of energy to the presentation and it will be 5 stars for sure.