Rationally Boost your Symfony2 application


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It is always good when a talk introduces to something new (to me) and with a lot of potential

Anonymous at 16:01 on 8 Mar 2014

Very good talk! If you don't mind could you please share your slides as they have very nice information? Thanks!

for me the best talk

Very interesting talk. This is a theme I have great interest. I already knew many of the topics but its allways nice to hear from an expert. And there are allways room for improvement. The Hydrator Cache for example, I had no idea.

And for me, you got the prize of the best quote in the event "OH: Cache is your friend, not your girlfriend, so don't abuse it."

Giulio did a great job, he covered a lot of topics very well in a short period of time with good examples and great tips.

Giulio i really enjoyed your talk. Wished you had more time to further explain your ideas and exemplify the use of the tools mencioned.

An hard decision to take, but I'll take this as my favorite talk of the day.

Very informative, very useful, a lot of topics and examples. Would like to see a longer talk. Thank you Giulio.