The quest for global design principles


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Anonymous at 17:04 on 15 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 17:07 on 15 Oct 2015

Very useful talk. Thank you very much

Anonymous at 17:15 on 15 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 18:00 on 15 Oct 2015


Anonymous at 19:18 on 15 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 19:52 on 15 Oct 2015

I found the talk very exciting and am very excited about the second part.

Well if the day starts of with having a spontaneous "small talk" while waiting for the key note with matthias, all is fine....
... well only my personal number 2 talk of the day.

The talk was good in the way that you can't repeat often enough to architect or even better abstract good. The talking style is very nice, but in the end I really didn't get so many new insights. Hopefully this talk is just really the introduction for tomorrow's haxagonal talk (as stated by the speaker).

Anonymous at 22:27 on 15 Oct 2015

Good talk, thanks!

Anonymous at 11:24 on 16 Oct 2015

Good view on the topic but a little to much repeating.

Anonymous at 13:25 on 16 Oct 2015

thanks for sharing these very interesting (and sometimes philosophic ;-)) ideas!
so much stuff to think about now...

Anonymous at 17:06 on 16 Oct 2015

Best talks during the conference.