In this full day of hands-on coding we will approach development with Doctrine ORM from a tactical DDD perspective.

We will start from a minimal specification, exploring yet-to-be-discovered business scenarios in a rich domain, how to plan features, how to isolate them into workable units, implement them in a framework-less environment and finally test them effectively.

We'll freshen up some DB design done "domain-first", looking at the possible performance issues, how to mitigate them on the long run and how to provide an optimal data model for both writes and reads without sacrificing valuable abstractions in the domain logic.

At the end of the day, you will have a good overview of how to attack relational DB abstractions, when to optimise for business interactions, and how to optimise for read interactions.


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Nils Freigang at 00:41 on 27 Oct 2018

Great workshop for starting to get a grip on DDD principles.
We even learned to map some value objects with doctrine.
Marco was always open to answer questions related to persisting domain objects
(e.g. persisting collections of VO, custom DBAL Types etc.)

Possible hint for Marco: A word or two regarding the classification of ValueObjects vs. Aggregates could be helpful for DDD beginners.