Web development is not just about delivering a response, it is also about writing good code. The state pattern will help you move complexity from being all over your code to one or more state machines. Tobias' workshop will introduce state machines, show you how to identify uses of them, and implement them in your Symfony application in an object-oriented manner using the Symfony Workflow component.


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Great introduction to state machines and the pattern used by the workflow component. The tasks were well thought through and really gave an insight how to use the workflow component.

IMHO we had a bit too much time for the tasks. But that's ok considering the different levels of experience in the course.

Anonymous at 10:15 on 1 Nov 2018

The idea solving small exercises and working towards understanding how the workflow component works was generally good. But I think we could have skipped the moore state machine and start directly with the mealy one.

The coding blocks should have been shorter. So instead of having one hour for 3 exercises, make it 3x 15min with a recap of possible solutions, after each. I felt that, especially in the afternoon, it was a quite a hurry with interrupting the coding and moving to a new subject, e.g. workflow events. Like I said, I missed some short recaps.

But overall it was worthwhile and did learned quite something. Thanks Tobias.