You may have heard people saying that ”Frameworks are bad” or ”Symfony is slow”. It is time to investigate why those people are saying that. We want to see if they are really smart or just stuck in the past. This talk will go over performance to see what you can do to make an application run faster. (There are no quick fixes) We will also see how we can build applications that responds in less that 15ms and then work towards even faster than that.


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Re Bar at 10:03 on 26 Oct 2018

Good to question the terms like „framework“. Like it is a frame to work. I would recommend terming symfony an orchestration tool for http request handling and task dispatching basically.

Suggestion from a friend: Maybe get a new „clicker“ ;-)

Good job and keep questioning the terms!

Great talk, great journey, good visualization, great questions.

Bret R. Zaun at 13:40 on 26 Oct 2018

Great talk!

Great talk with some really good questions an developer should ask himself.

Andreas B. at 15:30 on 26 Oct 2018

An interesting topic with a very engaging presentation. Great job!

Good presented points to improve the overall state of applications. Some texts could be bigger on the slides. Thank you for this good talk!


I really enjoyed the keynote, was amusing ans very interesting

Nils Freigang at 01:03 on 27 Oct 2018

Entertaining speaker style. Also giving an impulse to NOT always use a component.

Really really good

Great talk. Really helpful tricks to realize a high Performance PHP application.

Clara at 21:06 on 27 Oct 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk. Tobias managed to rock the stage, regardless of the audience being quite reserved! I gained some nice insights as to how to make applications more performant.