Many web applications out there don't get the testing love they need. Some test suites only have unit tests; they run fast, but will never prove that features as a whole function correctly. Some test suites only have functional tests; they run very slowly, they often fail for no reason, but they can prove that all the wiring is correct too. There is a middle ground, which we'll be aiming to reach in this workshop. We take an existing application with only functional tests and "tease out" other types of tests. We thereby:
- Increase the speed and predictability of the test suite as a whole
- Reduce the need for functional tests
- Set a standard for web application test suites, which you can apply at home (or at work) too

All of this will be rooted in some pretty interesting software architecture theory (i.e. ports & adapters and layered architecture).
The program:
- System tests
- Architecture: ports, adapters, layers
- Integration tests
- Unit tests
- Acceptance tests
- Test doubles and architectural boundaries
- Spotting design issues with feedback from tests


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Great workshop. Interestingly presented theory with a lot pratice.

Well prepared, very good explanations, good exercises