Bolt is a CMS that strives to make managing your content as pleasant
and straightforward as possible. Bolt aims to do this for editors,implementors and developers alike. The upcoming version 4 is built on
Symfony 4, API platform and Doctrine, so it will have modern features
to build both decoupled and “traditional” sites. In this talk, Bob
will focus mostly on the developers who need a better solution to
deliver a CMS to their clients. After a brief introduction on the
history of Bolt (mainly the move from Silex to Symfony 4), Bob will
show you how to get up and running with Bolt, and showcase some of
the features to help you efficiently build websites and how to
configure, extend and adapt the system using the Symfony skills you
already have.


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krohn at 10:09 on 28 Sep 2019

Thanks for giving an insight / introducion into Bolt