In this workshop you'll go back to the basics of object-oriented programming and learn to apply core principles of Domain-Driven Design to your domain objects: aggregates, consisting of entities and value objects.

You'll learn how to progress from domain knowledge to a functioning domain model, and use unit testing along the way to describe the expected behavior of your objects.

The program:

- Object-orientation, distilled
- Mini-event storming: the warehousing domain
- Modelling session: determine types and behavior
- Implementing an entity and value objects
- Aggregate design rules
- Working with domain events and eventual consistency


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It was very insightful but you have noticed that it was a two-day workshop pressed into one day as Matthias said himself. A bit tweaking and it could a really great workshop.

Stephan Wentz at 10:16 on 26 Sep 2019

Very interesting talk, really liked it.
But one can see that this workshop was designed for two days, it got a little stressy at the end ;-)
I would recommend to shorten the hands-on parts of the workshop.

Matthias Noback (Speaker) at 11:37 on 28 Sep 2019

Thanks for the comments! Yes, I freely admit that the day was too short to do all these interesting things. I should have taken more time to turn it into a one-day workshop.

The ideas and learnings were really useful. The only problem was the lack of time. In my opinion, another 2 or 3 hours would have been really great to help to consolidate some new knowledge, because the content was great without any doubt.

I am very happy with the workshop. It was strongly hands on centred and helped me very much to embrace these concept I had not the chance to work with yet. Matthias was very clear, positively challenging and engaging so that even though new to the subject, I felt very comfortable coming out with thoughts and questions.