As PHP programmers we are used to waiting for network I/O, in general we may not even consider any other option.
But why wait? Why not jump on board the Async bullet-train and experience life in the fast lane and
give Go and NodeJS a run for the money.
This talk will aim to make the audience aware of the benefits, opportunities, and pitfalls of asynchronous programming in PHP,and guide them through the native functionality, frameworks and PHP extensions though which it can be facilitated.


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Anonymous at 15:07 on 27 Sep 2019

Overall good talk.

The presenter has a tendency to mumble to him self and then trips over his words.

The talk is very informative, but lacks concrete use cases.

Peter Pansen at 19:43 on 27 Sep 2019

very interesting talk with great code samples. would yield again.

Ole Rößner at 20:06 on 27 Sep 2019

Interesting aspect of the PHP language but without any clear context/use cases. Started without a word of welcoming. Seemed a bit unfriendly at first.

Thomas Sliwa at 11:00 on 30 Sep 2019

The topic was very good and the examples showed the potential and use cases of the presented technologies. Unfortunately the presentation style was quite unorthodox. No introduction, running right away with the talk and a fast speaking, that left people at times behind. Try to present a little slower and please take the people with you in the beginning by introducing yourself.

Anonymous at 07:52 on 2 Oct 2019

The speaker jumped direct into the talk without any "hello" or introduction Slide. During the Talk it was difficult to follow, because the Speaker tends to mumble.