Nowadays offering a REST API has become a must for most of the businesses. Offering
a good documentation, validating properly the requests, having descriptive error messages,supporting multiple versions, retrieving data, persisting data, handling rate limitations
and many other things can be not an easy task.
This talk is a walk-through on how to build a rich, RESTful (Level 3 including HATEOAS) API
for web applications using Symfony-related components and bundles. The result will be a
standard, documented, validated and easy to maintain API, that users will enjoy and
developers love to build.


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to build a rest api from scratch you get a lot of packages, which can be installed.
but it was a really long list of "composer require"

Asmir gave an overview of the most important libraries for the development of APIs in PHP. He focused on short examples and gave an outlook on other features of the libraries. His lecture was one of the good presentations of the conference.