Symfony Cache has been around for a few releases. But what is happening behind the scenes?
Talk focuses on how is it working, down to detail level on Redis for things like datatypes,Redis Cluster sharding logic, how it differs from Memcached and more.


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Presentation topic with a lot of potential, cache tagging is a very powerful technique.

The part with slides was very good, but the live coding was not well prepared. Would recommend to prepare better that part or even record videos for that to avoid issues while on stage.

Ole Rößner at 20:00 on 27 Sep 2019

Interesting topic but please improve your slides.

* Source Code way too small (esp. from behind the room)
* Too much text
* Live Coding not well prepared and also too small. Try Presentation Modus in PHPStorm.

SL19 at 20:08 on 27 Sep 2019

Ein eigentlich interessantes Thema staubtrocken vorgetragen.

krohn at 09:37 on 28 Sep 2019

Very interesting topic and nice insights. Thanks!

Could be even better with larger font-size in terminal and use of PHPStorm presentation mode (presentation fonts have to too small). Having a pre-recorded video of the live coding would be good as fallback, in case live-coding fails.

Do you publish the slides (here or at speakerdeck or elsewhere)?

topic with potential but unfortunately it was presented very monotonously.

Thomas Sliwa at 10:11 on 30 Sep 2019

I want to give a very honest feedback here. As André said himself, this was the premiere of the talk and unfortunately this got obvious in the presentation. The basics are nice and the structure of the topics is good so far.

I hope André will find the time to revise and upgrade the talk and with some trining this will definitely become a 4+ star talk. Heads up.