In this talk, you will learn how birdie ( uses an event-based approach as the core of its architecture.
I will go through the reasoning of why it went to the path of using events instead of "updatable entities" for the core of
our business logic, how we built it and how it evolved after more than a year in production and millions of events.


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Very good talk, cristal clear. Showing how to use event sourcing to solve real application problems.

Personally I would have liked to hear at least few sentences on the theory of event sourcing and cqrs, to make more clear that what said in the presentation has not been invented on the spot but it is a well known software development strategy

Moritz Traute at 18:27 on 27 Sep 2019

Interesting talk, explained event sourcing principals with practical insights.

Thomas Sliwa at 09:53 on 30 Sep 2019

A very informative and spot on talk for the problems resolved. The given use case was a super fit for theme. I know it is always hard to give a talk in a non-mother tongue language, but unfortunately it was partially very hard to understand.

I was in his workshop and it was very clear and productive. I am very sorry to say that the talk was barely understandable cause of the acoustic and of the velocity with which the concepts have been exposed.

Very interesting talk about other peoples' experience and lessons learned. This is exactly what makes events interesting, most other talks can also be replaced by documentation and tutorials, this however was true first hand experience. Delivered by a great speaker.