It's 2019 and times have changed – yet PHP is still most often associated with your average
product catalog or blogging platform. In this talk you will learn that PHP's huge ecosystem
has way more to offer and PHP is not inferior at all to its evil cousin Node.js.

You will learn about the core concepts of async PHP and why you too should care about ReactPHP being a real thing. The talk has a strong focus on sparking the idea that PHP can be way faster and more versatile than you probably thought. Bring along an open mind, and through lots of interesting examples and live demos learn why what sounds crazy at first might soon be a valuable addition in your toolbox.


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Can't stop recommending this talk! Very very good. Good presentation style, good slides and live demos too! There is nothing more I can ask.

Thomas Sliwa at 10:06 on 30 Sep 2019

Ein wunderbarer Talk, der eine der Grundlegenden Talkregeln bricht. Livedemo mit Netzwerkdependency. Allerdings hat sich das Risiko gelohnt und die Hörerschaft wurde sehr gut integriert. Die Reiehnfolge der Demos war gut und die Beospiele bauten gut aufeinander auf. Absolut hörenswert.

I liked the talk very much. Christians hands on approach is very appealing and his points are corroborates by tests and profiling values, what makes the attendee gain trust in what he says. After the talk I could exchange some words whit him on the topic 'memory leaks' using ReactPHP. Thanks Christian